Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to Streetsboro Studio

This studio seeks to investigate the notion of the new American commons within the context of the sprawling exurbanism of Streetsboro, Ohio. We will speculate how these elements/spaces should be created, what would substantiate the constitution, and how this realm may persist. We will study and analyze different precedents, conditions, technologies, and projects. The studio will speculate and hybridize tactics, systems, flows, and data and then incorporate normative programs with alternative functions and utilizations. Buildings, infrastructures, fragments, enclosures, and programs will then emerge, informed by the analytical and speculative milieu.

“Architecture” and “Urban Design” are not separate endeavors. This studio seeks to inculcate the architectural projects within the “ensembles” and/or “planning conceits.” The architectures which will evolve throughout the design process will not reside as autonomous objects, but rather will further engender the informed pursuit of the “urban” speculation.

The studio does not seek to wax romantically about the historic public square—new formulations about civic space will be requisite. The resulting projects will be speculations about the future of American common space and our public architectures, how these spaces will function, how these frameworks will be construed, and how these architectural amalgams may be anticipated to change.

Our research and speculations will focus upon the re-consideration of shared public spaces
+ vessels within the hyper-sprawl. We will further investigate the “public-ness” through the design of a Portage County Historical Museum.

Our initial site investigation will encompass the entire city of Streetsboro, Ohio and its environs, focusing specifically along the Ohio Route 14 corridor from Interstate 480 to Ohio Route 43.

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