Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Precedent Study #2: West 8's Governor's Island

West 8's Governor's Island is a 172 acre island in the New York Harbor. The Northern end of the Island is a Historic National Monument including two great forts from previous military use. The Southern end was in need of re-development. West 8's design consisted of certain tactics which were: 1. preserving the island's northern National Monument. 2. A Great Promenade around the entire perimeter of the island providing unobstructed views of the surrounding harbor. [And on the southern end:] 3. Bicycle Paths based on the markings of the butterfly wing. 4. A summer park 5. Marsh 6. Hills as a division of the summer park zone and marsh zone. 7. Using demolished military barracks as the construction material for the hills (that also house a program).

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