Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cheese City

"Streetsboro was put on the map for its cheesemaking/cheesehouses"

MVRDV's Pig City inspires a cheese-based spectacle-ization of Streetsboro

Pig city takes into account biological and economic statistics of pork production (birth/farming/slaughtering) in the Netherlands. By revising this and proposing a complete rehashing of pork farming to fit the current economics, MVRDV is able to propose a radically new system of agriculture; specifically 40 1000' towers that house pigs in a closed pollution free system.

Using MVRDV's method of reanalyzing statistics, McCheeseboro proposes a dairy farm/cheese factory and half-stationary half-transient farm to sustain the Streetsboro McDonalds' cheese intake.

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